Headache Yuvraj


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Its a pathetic movie

I bet it must have been a big flop even if this have been made during “Ramayana Yug”

lets compare

Yaadein is 5 times better and Om Jai Jagdish is 10 times better than this

though i have not seen Apne but i am sure that portrayal of “Bhai Bhai ka pyar” must have been better in this movie. As per one of my fellow viewer, Apne is 100 times better than Yuvraj.

Don’t go by these critics who has got some bribe or may be threat to write positive about this movie.

there is nothing to talk about the movie.

My head is aching and i am writing this blog entry for social service and to warn my fellow friends about the torture given by this movie.

It starts with poorly written and badly acted “ghatia, sare & basi” dialogues between Katrina & Salman

You feel like pulling your hairs during few dialogues

Continue with family drama of few good & few bad guys in a joint family

Plot is a mixture of 100’s of movies made during 80s about the strength & flaws of Joint Family

Climax was so ill and full of idiocy that the poor & idiot villain, Mama of brothers, can’t get a good quality poison in Austria. After having it in his Asthma dose, Anil Kapoor survive for a full song which he himself sings. On top of it, Boman Irani, a cardiologist cure a poisoned man through heart surgery.



hoohohhoohoh 🙂

woo hoo woo hoo wo ho 😦

Why the hell i agreed to see the first day show of Subhash Ghai’s movie after a terrible experience of Yaadein

Most pathetic movie of this year

You can laugh on dialogues delivered by hero in Deshdrohi but you can only feel pity on Salman & Katrina for doing this movie

Looks like Boman Irani is in hurry to make more & more money for his future generations during his last days. Otherwise he can’t accept the roles like this.

Guys don’t go & watch this even if somebody is treating you

Even Boom is a better movie than this disaster

there are 2-3 god songs, nice and scenic locations (but we have Google Image search)

1or 2 well acted & touching scene

worst is Subhash & his choreographer fully destroyed the gorgeous Katrina

anybody remember “Jee Karda” from ‘Singh is King’

Flaws Flaws and Flaws

there is no end

Beware and think 1000000…….. before watching this


Hilarious Dostana


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Continuing with the recently renewed habit of first day movie shows, today we saw ‘Dostana’

Its a laugh riot for the full first half and fun in the second half.

I don’t remember when did i laugh so much?

hummmm… I think when i saw Hera Pheri in 2000

My stomach was aching!! 😀

Its a typical Karan Johar movie, story developed around friendship & love.

More about friendship than love but here we have a gay twist to make you gay (read merry 🙂 )

I am not going to reveal the plot guys. Go and feel yourself 😉

I guarantee, if you are the one who watch movies for entertainment then you will love it.

Don’t look for any message or sensibility about gay and their rights.

Everybody was laughing like anything.

it was nice watching this movie. You realize, how few decisions and circumstances land you in friendship & relationship which you will cherish for the life time? Yes they do fade when people move to different places, separate demographically & new people and friends arrive in your life. But , i think everybody relish those memories (one except it or not ;))

few scenes were very touching like

– John confess to Abhi & Priyanka about his affection for the friendship among them

– when John & Abhi realize Priyanka’s presence in their life

– the full climax scene and reaction of the lead actors on the situation

few funny scenes like:

– Abhi’s mom discovery about the Gay relationship

– Welcoming of John by Abhi’s mom

– Abhi’s Venice Story and the dancing scene on the tune of ‘Biri Jala Le‘ , these two scenes are real hilarious 😀

as his previous productions Karan successfully able to strike a chord somewhere about Love Friendship and relationships 🙂

While driving back to home, John’s talk about his friendship & childhood dreams remind me of similar thoughts of mine. It was around few months after passing out of my Engg College. I used to curse myself for not studying enough for engg entrance exam and land up at that place. During my days of struggle, I used to feel sad about few failed dreams of mine 😦 . But after looking at few guys around, i said to myself that these guys are my best presents from the college, the friends, who are like family now.

Love You Guys 🙂

Will Miss U Dada


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Once upon a time sometime in early 90’s, in a remote village in UP, a large gathering of people watching a cricket match under a big tent. It was erected specially for the final match between India & Pakistan at Sarjah. Its a Friday and India didn’t have good record in Sarjah . Those days Sachin love to go for 6’s and there were a large roar for every big one. Everybody was thinking Sachin will make it. TV & the Cable both were running on generators as in this small town electricity used to come only for few hours.

I was very young and watching this match hiding from my Grand Pa. He never liked me playing or watching this game. For him this was waste of time. Every now & then i see over my shoulder if any of my family member is around. Everybody was enjoying the match but a Waqar Yunis yorker lead to drop dead silence.

Sachin was moving towards Pavilion looking at his feets. Everybody said in the same voice:
“Ab kuch nanhi rakha hai match main. Aaj phir haar gaye. (There is nothing left in the match. We will loose again today 😦 )”

People start leaving the tent. But i stayed with few other die hard fans.

The owner of TV, Cable & Genrator waited for a while and after fall of few more wickets, he swich off everyhting. I had to leave and had to wait till next morning news paper for the result. As expected India lost the mathc and the cup. Fast Forward to Dhaka in 1998, India has lost most of the wicket but people were still watching the match.
We have a invertor and cable wala was using the genrator to broadcastr the live match for people wh has their own power backup. There were no improvement in electricity supply.
Tendulkar has gone long back but nobody left but the gethering increase as the match is progressing towards slog overs. People from near by houses and over the street joined together to watch the match. There is this left handed batsman who is blinking every now & then hitting Pakistani bowlers. The penultimate ball went for the 4 Inida won the match.

Not to mention the Lefty with blinikg eyes was Sourav Gangulay (Dada), the most successful indian captain. He hit brilliant 124 and lead to India’s won in the final.

It was only part of his glorious stint as Indian’s captain. He nurtured the young boys like his younger brothers and lead Indian team to its current stature in world cricket. He is a great warrior, fearless in his doing and true servant of the game.

This man converted Indian team from a one man team to a strong team of 11 fighters.
These guys got the courage to win anywhere and any team in the world.
He fighted with guts. He took us to World cup final in 2003 and start defeating teams to their own soil.

I was overwhelmed and my eyes were wet when Dhoni as a Fabulous farewell gesture asked Dada to captain the side for few overs. I wish if he could have bowled an over too. 😦

8 years ago exactly on this day Ganguly had made his debut as the captain of India. The Man left the field doing what he did best all these years, leading Indian team for a win.

We all will miss you Dada!!

Good Luck for all your future endeavors.
Sourav Ganguly Last Moments at Cricket Ground

Also one of the Cricinfo article

A lovely weekend


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Last Friday, i came back early from the office for preparing a 11g Database Performance Training

but typical of me, lot of phone calls, test match highlights and finally a lovely & memorable late night (or early morning) phone call. This leads to no training and i think Friday evening is supposed to be fun and so it was 😀

my friend Subhajeet and colleague has come come down to Bangaluru for a training

and me & Utpal (other colleague and good friend) have promised him for a visit to any tourist spot in Bangaluru on Saturday

i woke up late in the Saturday morning, thanks to my laziness, we shifted the trip to Sunday morning Nandi Hills Sun rise 🙂

not feeling to do anything, watched recently released hindi movie ‘Fashion’

nice movie and remind you “Why you should have your feet on the ground after touching the sky?”

this changed my mood and so called up Utpal & Subhajeet and planned for a great evening in the Blue Spice. I love this place !! On every Saturday evening, one can listen Live Ghazals and classical Hindi songs

best to spent a soothing evening, Utpal & Subh loved it 🙂

I called up Dada (Prashant Sir) and confirmed him that early morning we will go to Nandi Hills

I decided to stay at Dada’s place in the night and also convinced Utpal and Subh for the same 🙂

Me & Dada keep chating on number of issues and slept around 2 am

Anand was trying to sleep in hall with a on TV 😀

Dada & he was arguing who is disturbing whom, our bakar or his TV ? 😉

got up at 4 am, make everybody to rub their eyes and we were heading Nandi Hills around 04:40 am

again its Dada’s lovely Wagon R for us 🙂 Dada was driving superbly (or sometime rashly)

he was on 110-120 km/hr and thinking of making it 140

Thanks to Almighty!! We survive a dangerous turn 😉

People at the back seat were frightened and cried in a single voice “Sambhal Key!!”

typical of Dada ” Yaar ab main normal chalunga, jaise hi tez ho bata dena. Mujhe pata hi nanhi lag raha ki kab 120 ho ja rahi hai :D”

Dada sath hoon aur koi glitch na ho? 😉 we don’t have enough petrol and missed the petrol pump

no petrol pump till Nandi Hills and somehow we managed to get the 2 liter at the foot steps of hill from a small tea vendor 😉

bought it for a price higher than market but didn’t use it because doubting of “Milabat” 😀

Dada said “If require we will use it. Hopefully we will make it to the Petrol Pump while returning”

the ticket counter and the gate to the place opens at 6 am, long queue at the ticket window

hell lot of girls & boys with high voltage music on cars, few were drunk and dancing

Dada used his PR skills (BC) and we were among the first one to get the ticket and the First Group to reach the the Sun Rise Point

most of us have seen it in past but today it was a different feeling, from a vertical monolithic mountain

We were lucky and there were no fog or cloud sky clear (rarity at this place)

Sun rose with all its beauty!!

we were feeling as if we were driving the sun to earth, 7 horses of sun 😉 !!

oops!! we were 5 😦

no problem! took the extra load with pleasure and bring the sun with 2 less 😉

everybody started photo shoot and witin seconds place was crowded

Dada was displaying his bravery by going to dangerous spots and asking for a snap 😉

all of us were in a bliss and forgot everything but the moment

Sun rise was inspiring and the cool wind was soothing

happy & enjoying, Kash ki Samay Ruk jaye 😦

But, It didn’t 😦

Anand wasn’t able to control and opened the breakfast packet 😀

but nobody else is interested in eating, we roam around the place enjoying the beauty

‘Cute Bangali’ (Subh) was cool and calm, he was trying to take snaps in natural position of people, without giving any chance for a pose 😉

We discovered a new photographer among us, Subh took some mind blowing snaps

roam around to view the scenery & scenic place

had our breakfast, and took rest until Suraj Devata keep showering His love upon us

by 9 am it started getting hot and wind is no longer chilling

we headed towards city and the best part is the drive back to city

It was a nice change from the day to day tensions and worries

It was all gloomy for most of the guys around, somebody

is on the verge of lay off

is not getting the hike or promotion with no communication if he will get or not

is fighting hard with his parents to marry his dream girl

has already told to quit for cost cutting and searching hard for alternate

has lost his saving in the share market

but the smiles & laughs during the return journey were showing the inspiration and happiness after seeing the beauty of Sun Rise

we forgot everything for few hours and had fun in the lap of nature

we took video shoot whcih reflects the everybody’s mood after a heavenly experience

Dada was at his best!! Full Bakar on everything 😉

not to forget snap of the day ‘Illuminati symmetry’ by Anand 😀

See the Snaps and the video which displays why Dada has always rocked the stage during the college days with his fluent & non stop bakar 😉 he can speak everything on anything adding charm to it 🙂

Cheers to Life !!

Kodaikannal, Munnar, Alleppey, 1600 km on car :)


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[Update (March 20, 2014): Added the images shared by Kerala Tourism at the end of the blog.]

During one of the recent long weekend i planned a trip to the most scenic places in South India

i was accompanied by Mohit Mittal, Lalit, Viraat, and Kapil Sir (who has flown down from Delhi)

Thanks to our decision to go by a car and that too WagonR with only two driver among us (Kapil Sir & Viraat) it was the most adventures & enjoying trip till now. A quick itinerary for the people who are planing to visit any of these south Indian tourist spots in future 🙂

Bangalore to Kodaikanal 480 KM

Bangalore -> Hosur -> Krishnagiri -> Dharmapuri -> Salem -> Rasipuram -> Namakkal -> Karur -> Vedasandur -> Dindigul -> Kodai Road -> Kodaikanal

We started at 10:30 PM in the night and Kapil Sir drove from Bangalore to Salem

We took a break at Salem had tea & coffee at a road side shop

It was fun to converse with a local Tamilian boy in symbolic language

We were interacting like deaf & dumb 😀

Viraat drove from Salem to Kodaikanal we reached around 11:30 AM

I have been taking care of all the land marks and turns as i have printouts with me

I handed it to my beloved lazy bro lalit and slept for a while

as expected from him, he forgot to take a right turn at Indian Oil Petrol Pump which is around 20 km from Kodai Mod (turn)

we have to travel around 40 km extra after taking a U turn from a small town after inquiring about the way to Kodaikanal in Symbolic language 😉

After taking right turn at Petrol Pump there was a place to refresh with room & toilets but we missed it too 😦 and have to travel through Ghat Roads (around 52 KM) resisting the pressure 😉 More about Kodaikanal & its surroundings Click Here

Kodaikannal to Munnar 172 KM

We stayed and roam around for full day and next day around 9 am we left for Munnar


the road from Theni to Bodimettu & Kerela Border was very fearful, Hairpin band turns on a road full of potholes 😦

Kapil Sir was driving from Kodaikanal and drove for rest of the trip till Alleppey

There were 17 hairpin bands till Kerala Border and i was wondering what if we have been traveling through this road in night

but believe me as we enter Kerala Border and it was all changed from naked mountain with stones and bad road to scenic conversion into cardamom gardens both side of the roads, every km drive was bringing lower temperature with it

cardamom gardens converted into tea gardens and soon its start raining

everybody in the car was like “Ohh Wow!!!!”

Munnar to Alleppey 224 KM

We stayed for two nights in Munnar and left early in the morning to Alleppey

We touched Cochin (Ernakulam) on the way to Alleppey but beware that you don’t enter the city otherwise u will end up wasting time in city traffic 🙂

The houseboat experience in back waters was heavenly.

Mohit & Lalit Danced and gave flying kisses to the people who are watching their open air dance show.

Alleppey to Bangalore 560 KM

Alappey-> Cherthala->Cochin (Ernakulam) ->Chalakkudi->Trichur->Palakad->Coimbatore->Tirpur

Tirupur->Salem-> Dharmapuri -> Krishnagiri -> Hosur -> Bangalore

We left from Alleppey late in the evening around 6-7 pm and reached bangalore at 8 am in the morning

The man with a previous experience of 19 hour continuous drive (Tata Safari) from Lucknow to ISM Dhanbad took the charge and drive for 14 hours continously 🙂

I can’t explain my experience of sitting next to him and seeing large trucks overtaking or by passing the small match box like car

for the whole 8-9 hours i wondered what if? 😦

but Viraat made it as we both salute the rising Sun behind the rocky Hosur 🙂

there were a lot of other hilarious, scary and fun filled experience throughout the trip e.g. Grass & mushroom Stuff , Mittal & Lalit’s BC but will write about them some time later

I don’t suggest anybody else to follow the same itinerary even i will not repeat it again

it was so dangerous to drive on the scary Ghat Road after Theni or the return journey of 14 hours in night

best is to take a break after 250-300 km or travel only in the day light

To top it all, me & Lalit went to drop Kapil sir at airport and we were sipping coffee as we reached early

We were discussing the trip and before leaving Kapil Sir told us

“I never drive on Hill Station Roads and It was my first experience!!”

It was shocker to me. Come on, this man has drove around 150 km on western ghat road with one of the most dangerous mountain roads.

But there is something called ‘Confidence!!’

Here are the few images shared by Kerala Tourism from its campaign on Kerala Great Backwaters.



The Accident, The Learning and The Overconfidence


thanks guys to add me on ur blog roll though i don’t deserve it 😦

i am not a regular blogger

rarely writes and that too not very interesting 😦

I feel guilty ‘Man you are not giving enough time to ur blog!! gurrrr… :X’

but yes i do read a lot of blogs

i have a separate bookmark folder for my favorites

i haven’t learn how to add my favorites in my word press blog 😦

recently i have been learning car drive from few in house trainers

and they all have been boasting about my driving skills and quick learning

on the 3rd or 4th day of my learning, i am driving with one of them sitting next to me in a swift

if this man (Lovleen Bhaita ) is happy with you then he makes you feel like ‘The God’

so here we are driving on Outer Ring Road in Bangalore on Sunday

i have just started with car drive and i have never crossed 3rd gear

but the man thinks i m doing great hence we go ahead with 4th gear and the little extra press on Petrol (no Gas here heheheh :D)

In Bangalore you rarely find people  respecting yellow light

but my bad luck this gentleman driving ahead of me did the same on Sarjapur Junction and boss i press the break

but but but but…

its accelerator phew !! 😦

i tried i tried  i tried hard  to avoid the  collision

but in the end a sound and right bonut of Swift has gone

i hit the esteem from back 😦

sad! very sad!

Overconfidence turned in to lack of confidence

i didn’t drive back from Bharatiyam (HSR Layout)
i was warned n number of times ‘Careful about Break & Accelerator’

and here i was executing the blunder 😦

i am yet to feel the ‘First Car’ as the swift wasn’t mine 😉

Feel Good in the sadness around


with all the insecurity on the streets including Dalal Street/Wall Street 🙂
bombs on streets/markets
financial institutions going bankrupt, lay off in companies
expectation of less hike or no hike 😦

arey koi hai jo kuch acchi news de ?

sad to say 😦 Nobody!!
we have a very literate & intellectual but politically weak Prime Minster
a home minister who was not elected by the people of his own constituency but the lady thought he can be a good Home Minister 😉
This is a cruel joke (loop hole?) of Indian Democracy and Its Constitution that India can have PM & Home Minister who are not elected by its people. What kind of democracy is this?

Anyway!! In between all this turmoil and sadness, off late i had finished my movie backlog and managed to sneak into few of the acclaimed once 🙂

Khuda ke Liye
The Kite Runner
A Wednesday

and Bachna Ae Haseeno

I accept the last one is not eligible to include in great ones but yes it has something to add in this entry

These movies amuse you and give you, your piece of smile, wet eyes with full of emotion, cruel truths and realities of life, remind you of your good/bad memories

Khuda ke liye reminds me my child hood days
After the evening tea on a cot, in the open sky with sound of Aajan from the nearby Mosque.
Sight of my friends coming out of the Mosque with Holy Book in their hands.
Savian (Sweet Vermicelli) on Mithi Id at the place of My Grand Pa’s close friend.
all was so amusing!!

The best part of the movie is its climax which shows two people simultaneously executing holy call for Namaj in the Mosque. Who owns The God? People who love His people or the people who kills His people that too in His name?

I was born and lived for around nine or ten years in a Muslim neighborhood
had few bum chum friends in the community. Did i miss ‘minority’?
Ohh!! I never realized its minority until i have grown up and start reading the word in newspapers & Magazines
I asked my self how much i know about day to day living of my friend across the street? And the answer is very less. Sad but true !! After 60 years of independence Muslim are still not in main stream and for this they have to blame themselves

A Wednesday shows the desperation of common man (plot looks unreal & impossible) Naseer Sa’ab was at his best in both the movies, following videos shows his speech and explanation in deleted scenes of Khuda Ke Liye

Scene 1 http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=44qHsZm0_Ew
Scene 2 http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=nIJxWNMGzc4

Scene 3 http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=A-rXZpQGuno

The Kite Runner proves my believe that good/bad memory or trauma is difficult to erase from your mind what ever you are doing and where ever you are!!
Amir’s character in Kite Runner display the pain of his bad memory from child hood
Pain of the haunting memory of the guilt of betraying his childhood friend Hassan
His love & affection for his friendly & supporting child hood uncle
His dad’s love for his home country
everything was touching

Female protagonists (Bipasha Basu & Minissha Lamba) in Bachna Ae Haseeno (BAH) depict the same trauma. Its a typical nonsense Bollywood love movie but amuse you and strike a chord somewhere. You can relate with the characters in some or the other way  🙂

In the end, it was nice watching the creative cinema (excluding BAH).


हमने जो है मिल के चुना बहारों का रस्ता
दूर हो तो सोचते हैं पास कैसे आयें
पास हो तो सोचते हैं कहीं बहक न जायें
अब सोचें हर पल कब होगा ये मिलन
चलेंगे उस डगर पर जहाँ बहारों का रास्ता
-better half 🙂