In two of my older posts, I did discuss some of thought on Pakistan:  (Though he turns out to be a big disappointment 😦 )

and (after two and half year we seem to be in the same situation and no immediate solution or preparedness in sight)

Recently, I have had a chance to read few of the articles from both side of the border and it turns out to be quite an experience 😉

1. Aatish Taseer in WSJ (it all started with this article)

2. Ejaz Haider from Pakistan

3. Our own Shashi Tharoor’s response

4. Response to the response from Pakistan

a) Marvi Sirmed\25\story_25-7-2011_pg3_4

b) Ejaz Haider

c) By Feisal Naqvi

4.  Shashi Tharoor is back with answers

Most of us in India understand that “…have no desire to reintegrate it into “Akhand Bharat” — indeed, the demographic, social and political evolution of Pakistan since 1947 makes it quite unsuitable for any such re-absorption. ”


“..there is absolutely nothing Pakistan possesses that India wants.”

I wish people on both side of the border come to terms and feel at peace with the reality of partition.

We are wasting our money on Military expenses when there are thousands of hungry people in the streets.