realized it few days back.

My kiddo cousin Googled ‘Shankhdhar’ , got this blog as top result 😀

I was like  “Ohh, the next Gen is here”

And yeah, delighted to know the Google result  😀

She, after two year in now famous coaching town ‘Kota’, is ready to join a Engg. college now. I haven’t seen her for two years now. I  used to teach her English rhythms back in days when she was a sweet little girlie. I used to make sure that “Lakri ki kathi, kathi pe ghoda..”  must play in her b’day. There are many sweet memories of her kiddo days.

One of the cousin lived with me for a year during my Engg. Final Year. He now is in Allahabad and have a very flashy orkut profile 😀

My younger sis & mom r living with me now a days. They are here for one month. This is the first time in last 10 years i am living with them for continuous 30-40 days. My younger sis (She is the youngest one among three of us) surprises me everyday with her comments/feedback on things around me here in Bangalore.

I am the eldest among all my cousins & have seen them growing up from a new born child to a 8-10 year kiddo. Last 10-11 years appears to have gone in a flash. Those kiddos are now grown up & ready to take on world. Their bugging & questions really amaze me or i should say shock me even now and then.

More to come 😉