humm its been long time i have updated something and i think u can count me in those ‘rarely’ blogging blogger
a lot of exciting things has happened since last 7-8 months

I visited my home town twice and its refreshing as always,
I had a lot of memorable get togethers,
also changed my work place and
moved on to one of the biggest technology vendors (Hewlett-Packard) in helping them to provide end to end high performance solutions on Oracle Applications.

The sad part is that i missed my home on both Deepawali & Holi 😦
but my darling wife and Bangalore Gang made all the occasions veryfabulous and we had real fun

Lot of my friends got married and the list is still going on
I was able to manage to attend few but felt very sad & sorry for not attending few at the same time 😦

Guys around had already started giving good news of being proud parents
I’m loving all the cutie pies for spreading  their lovely smiles in the family.

Life seems to have moved back to my college days as
I have to wake up with a target to catch the Office bus at 07:30 am for a 1 hour 15 minutes bus journey (believe me it’s really difficult 😦 )
Moreover I have to wrap up things  by 5 to catch the same bus back home .

I’ m loving the discipline at my work place excluding 3 hour bus ordeal every day 😦
at the same time feeling ardent about the changes, I’m not sure if its same across the globe or only Indian phenomenon
but here within a year in ur job and people start asking”

aur kis company  main ho aaj kal?
accha abhi bhi wahin ho !!

and i was like “Why should i be anywhere else?”

I didn’t have a reason 😉

I never thought about life outside Oracle.

I had a sweet manager

helping & always jolly-good team
with greatest of all opportunities in my basket to work on latest of Oracle technologies.
Facing new challenges everyday
with a new & fresh day every morning as an incentive.
It was like family and very difficult to move on
also it was my first company hence there lies an emotional attachment !!

but a time came and i moved on and I got something worth to move out.

Though I had to compromise with few things.
The new role brought a lot of business exposure including latest technology experience.
did anybody say “What about the money you sober man?”  😉
yeh that is just a bonus 😀
somebody once said “Money is not the most important thing in life !!” 😀

on personal front ….
humm its personal so nothing much to write here