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Thanks ECB, Kevin and whole England cricket team for believing in India and its spirit!! After Mumbai incident the tour was in jeopardy and mood across the India was of sadness & anger. Cricket was last thing in mind. But you guys have come as a sign of positive thinking and belief in the India. England cricket team very well deserve the standing ovation in Chennai and India & its people will not forget your belief in us. This game wasn’t about win or loss but about sports spirit and a sign of never dying spirit of humanity.

This match and series is a proof of the difference in the basic ideology of India & Pakistan. We have England team playing in India just after the heinous & coward attack on its icon and very own culture. On the contrary, Pak has been trying hard to get cricket teams to play in his home grounds. This shows the huge difference in ideology of the two nations. Foundation of Indian & Indianness is truth, peace & harmony. In contrary Pakistan was built on the base of hatred,divide and lie. Jinnah lied to Muslims and to the world and couldn’t survived to make Pak a better state. After more than 60 years of independence, this weak foundation of Pakistan is in the mode of self destruction. We can only prey that this destruction will not touch us. Burning neighbor will certainly harm but we should be prepare and take necessary precaution to avoid this fire.

Coming back to cricket, it was one of the best test match i have ever seen. Sachin has again proved himself and with every inning, he is getting younger. The kind of animated celebration he has been doing don’t belong to typical & sober Sachin. He is a living God. Hard hitter Sehwag proved that why he is The Destroyer !! Nothing is impossible when he is around. He is capable of & has the confidence of making 500 in 4th inning 🙂 Good luck to Yuvi. I wish & prey that he will not start flying and will have his head on his shoulders. He need to be responsible & sensible now.

After going through those 60 hours, i knew and have a feeling that India will never be the same and time will prove it.

Jai Hind!

Jai Bharat!!