first thing first i m very happy šŸ˜€

only expected thing was the cake in the night. Dada, Mohit Preshit & Siddhu Bhai dropped in and everything which follows was a pleasant surprise

unstopping chatter & fun after cutting the cake in night

delicious lunch


party in the evening

everything was special and lovely

best part was surprise lunch at home planned by Trisha & Neelima

I was supposed to go office but i canceled it. I slept very late (around 03:30 am) and i ruined their surprise by staying at home šŸ˜¦

mouth watering lunch menu

Kofta & Muttar Pulav by Neelima

Fruit Cream by Trisha

Karahi Paneer by Nupur (Mihul’s wife), in Guest Cook appearance šŸ˜‰ she wasn’t able to resist herself and entered the kitchen by seeing her favorite Devar Ji Mohit Mittal doing the cooking stuff. But Devar Ji ‘hate nanhi’ (didn’t leave) and helped by cutting the Paneer šŸ˜‰

Dal Makhani by Preshit

Phulka by our cook Pitambar šŸ™‚

with everybody’s cumulative efforts for making it in time, we had lunch at 4 pm. At the end of it, it was in the list of everybody’s best lunches in Bangalore (ever for few) šŸ˜‰

North Indian’s who are living or lived in South India can very well understand what this menu mean to us šŸ˜‰

It was all real !! Yeh, real Dal Makhani, real Karahi Paneer, Real Kofta šŸ˜€

u must have heard “khana aur peena” few guys wished for a beer and Sandeep Sir obliged it šŸ˜€

few ex H.N. 80 friends came late for lunch and were wondering if its somebody’s marriage or what?

everybody slept like a log but Preshit, Mohit & i didn’t have the privilege and left with Dada for another party in the evening

i slept for for hours today and started writing this after having Lalit’s special Adrak Chai (Ginger Tea) and ending with a tasty hot & sour soup by Trisha

Unexpectedly our landlady wished me. It was a pleasant surprise. She used her land line phone (Yeh, its true!!) It wasn’t that scary missed call after listening to our loud & unstopping noises šŸ˜‰ She didn’t utter a single word after seeing the mess in the kitchen & drawing room.People who had visited or lived in HN 80 knows the importance of it šŸ˜‰

I m ready for a Yo China dinner now. Thanks to our office time lunches@ Chung Wa , i understand and can order few dishes in Chinese restaurants now šŸ™‚

looking for happier year ahead and wishing the same to all of you!

It was all memorable and special.

Love you guys !!