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Its over !!
But its the beginning of a new fight with hatred, with enemies of India !!
Common man, intelligence, security infrastructure, politicians, bureaucrats and decision makers should take a lesson from this tragic and worst terrorist attack on India & its sovereignty.

I have been browsing through the News Channels & Web world. I am very sad & moved after watching the horror. We can’t imagine the trauma of the people who were trapped and lost their nearer & dearer.

I salute the martyrs from forces !! May their soul rest in peace !!
May God give strength to their families in this difficult time !!

Because of them you are reading this and i am writing this. I have seen people shaking hands & clicking pictures with commandos coming out of Nariman House. I have only seen it before with cricketers and celebrities. They deserve all the accolades & respect.
Ladies in front of Gateway of India, asking their children’s to touch the commando’s feet with the wish that they will be as strong grown up man as these commandos.
With all the disappointment from our politicians and bureaucrats, these man make you feel safe and make you believe in the forces.

There were cries in media & web world about war with Pakistan after these Mumbai attacks.
This will not help anybody but only help the enemies of peace.
If current elected Pak Govt has control over these extremist then there would not have been Matriot or Benajir death. There is a complex net of fanatic fundamentalist, army & intelligence. This hatred is the key to their very own survival. Only the strong & stable elected govt in Pak can help the world to end terror ghost. It will reduce the power of army & Islamic fundamentalist in Pak. This attack is to deestablize & weaken the relationship between elected democratic Pak Govt Pak & Indian Govt. To make things worse we have fanatics & fundamentalist this side of border who are only helping them with irrational & irresponsible comments. There were photos of martyrs all around with politician’s name written. Somebody ask them, if you want to salute & tribute their contribution then why to paste your & your party’s name on it.

Families of policeman did the right thing by denying money from People like Narendra Modi & Amar Singh. These are the people who ride the ladder of political success by spreading the politics of hatred.

Say it clear and say it loud!!

We are not looking up to these opportunist politician or weak politician like Shivraj Patil !! We need politicians like Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri.

We are the one who had executed the ONLY successful anti terror operation in the world against terrorism in Punjab This has happened with the help of locals & freedom to forces. We can implement the same across India. Make a special force or anti terror squad by recruiting the best among the best forces around India. We have “Jawans” who are ready to fight with courage, determination & bravery.

One can just imagine the unpreparedness of our security infrastructure. There is no NSG post or command in a city like Mumbai (the financial capital of India) which has been the main target of terrorism. With all due respect to them and their bravery, NSG arrived after around 8 hours of the first bullet fired. And the reasons coming in light are lazy bureaucrats, lack of political will & administrative delays. Will these guys take responsibility of this horrendous mistake?

This is the time we should Stand up as One!! As Indian !!