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Its a pathetic movie

I bet it must have been a big flop even if this have been made during “Ramayana Yug”

lets compare

Yaadein is 5 times better and Om Jai Jagdish is 10 times better than this

though i have not seen Apne but i am sure that portrayal of “Bhai Bhai ka pyar” must have been better in this movie. As per one of my fellow viewer, Apne is 100 times better than Yuvraj.

Don’t go by these critics who has got some bribe or may be threat to write positive about this movie.

there is nothing to talk about the movie.

My head is aching and i am writing this blog entry for social service and to warn my fellow friends about the torture given by this movie.

It starts with poorly written and badly acted “ghatia, sare & basi” dialogues between Katrina & Salman

You feel like pulling your hairs during few dialogues

Continue with family drama of few good & few bad guys in a joint family

Plot is a mixture of 100’s of movies made during 80s about the strength & flaws of Joint Family

Climax was so ill and full of idiocy that the poor & idiot villain, Mama of brothers, can’t get a good quality poison in Austria. After having it in his Asthma dose, Anil Kapoor survive for a full song which he himself sings. On top of it, Boman Irani, a cardiologist cure a poisoned man through heart surgery.



hoohohhoohoh πŸ™‚

woo hoo woo hoo wo ho 😦

Why the hell i agreed to see the first day show of Subhash Ghai’s movie after a terrible experience of Yaadein

Most pathetic movie of this year

You can laugh on dialogues delivered by hero in Deshdrohi but you can only feel pity on Salman & Katrina for doing this movie

Looks like Boman Irani is in hurry to make more & more money for his future generations during his last days. Otherwise he can’t accept the roles like this.

Guys don’t go & watch this even if somebody is treating you

Even Boom is a better movie than this disaster

there are 2-3 god songs, nice and scenic locations (but we have Google Image search)

1or 2 well acted & touching scene

worst is Subhash & his choreographer fully destroyed the gorgeous Katrina

anybody remember “Jee Karda” from ‘Singh is King’

Flaws Flaws and Flaws

there is no end

Beware and think 1000000…….. before watching this