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Continuing with the recently renewed habit of first day movie shows, today we saw ‘Dostana’

Its a laugh riot for the full first half and fun in the second half.

I don’t remember when did i laugh so much?

hummmm… I think when i saw Hera Pheri in 2000

My stomach was aching!! 😀

Its a typical Karan Johar movie, story developed around friendship & love.

More about friendship than love but here we have a gay twist to make you gay (read merry 🙂 )

I am not going to reveal the plot guys. Go and feel yourself 😉

I guarantee, if you are the one who watch movies for entertainment then you will love it.

Don’t look for any message or sensibility about gay and their rights.

Everybody was laughing like anything.

it was nice watching this movie. You realize, how few decisions and circumstances land you in friendship & relationship which you will cherish for the life time? Yes they do fade when people move to different places, separate demographically & new people and friends arrive in your life. But , i think everybody relish those memories (one except it or not ;))

few scenes were very touching like

– John confess to Abhi & Priyanka about his affection for the friendship among them

– when John & Abhi realize Priyanka’s presence in their life

– the full climax scene and reaction of the lead actors on the situation

few funny scenes like:

– Abhi’s mom discovery about the Gay relationship

– Welcoming of John by Abhi’s mom

– Abhi’s Venice Story and the dancing scene on the tune of ‘Biri Jala Le‘ , these two scenes are real hilarious 😀

as his previous productions Karan successfully able to strike a chord somewhere about Love Friendship and relationships 🙂

While driving back to home, John’s talk about his friendship & childhood dreams remind me of similar thoughts of mine. It was around few months after passing out of my Engg College. I used to curse myself for not studying enough for engg entrance exam and land up at that place. During my days of struggle, I used to feel sad about few failed dreams of mine 😦 . But after looking at few guys around, i said to myself that these guys are my best presents from the college, the friends, who are like family now.

Love You Guys 🙂