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Once upon a time sometime in early 90’s, in a remote village in UP, a large gathering of people watching a cricket match under a big tent. It was erected specially for the final match between India & Pakistan at Sarjah. Its a Friday and India didn’t have good record in Sarjah . Those days Sachin love to go for 6’s and there were a large roar for every big one. Everybody was thinking Sachin will make it. TV & the Cable both were running on generators as in this small town electricity used to come only for few hours.

I was very young and watching this match hiding from my Grand Pa. He never liked me playing or watching this game. For him this was waste of time. Every now & then i see over my shoulder if any of my family member is around. Everybody was enjoying the match but a Waqar Yunis yorker lead to drop dead silence.

Sachin was moving towards Pavilion looking at his feets. Everybody said in the same voice:
“Ab kuch nanhi rakha hai match main. Aaj phir haar gaye. (There is nothing left in the match. We will loose again today 😦 )”

People start leaving the tent. But i stayed with few other die hard fans.

The owner of TV, Cable & Genrator waited for a while and after fall of few more wickets, he swich off everyhting. I had to leave and had to wait till next morning news paper for the result. As expected India lost the mathc and the cup. Fast Forward to Dhaka in 1998, India has lost most of the wicket but people were still watching the match.
We have a invertor and cable wala was using the genrator to broadcastr the live match for people wh has their own power backup. There were no improvement in electricity supply.
Tendulkar has gone long back but nobody left but the gethering increase as the match is progressing towards slog overs. People from near by houses and over the street joined together to watch the match. There is this left handed batsman who is blinking every now & then hitting Pakistani bowlers. The penultimate ball went for the 4 Inida won the match.

Not to mention the Lefty with blinikg eyes was Sourav Gangulay (Dada), the most successful indian captain. He hit brilliant 124 and lead to India’s won in the final.

It was only part of his glorious stint as Indian’s captain. He nurtured the young boys like his younger brothers and lead Indian team to its current stature in world cricket. He is a great warrior, fearless in his doing and true servant of the game.

This man converted Indian team from a one man team to a strong team of 11 fighters.
These guys got the courage to win anywhere and any team in the world.
He fighted with guts. He took us to World cup final in 2003 and start defeating teams to their own soil.

I was overwhelmed and my eyes were wet when Dhoni as a Fabulous farewell gesture asked Dada to captain the side for few overs. I wish if he could have bowled an over too. 😦

8 years ago exactly on this day Ganguly had made his debut as the captain of India. The Man left the field doing what he did best all these years, leading Indian team for a win.

We all will miss you Dada!!

Good Luck for all your future endeavors.
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