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[Update (March 20, 2014): Added the images shared by Kerala Tourism at the end of the blog.]

During one of the recent long weekend i planned a trip to the most scenic places in South India

i was accompanied by Mohit Mittal, Lalit, Viraat, and Kapil Sir (who has flown down from Delhi)

Thanks to our decision to go by a car and that too WagonR with only two driver among us (Kapil Sir & Viraat) it was the most adventures & enjoying trip till now. A quick itinerary for the people who are planing to visit any of these south Indian tourist spots in future 🙂

Bangalore to Kodaikanal 480 KM

Bangalore -> Hosur -> Krishnagiri -> Dharmapuri -> Salem -> Rasipuram -> Namakkal -> Karur -> Vedasandur -> Dindigul -> Kodai Road -> Kodaikanal

We started at 10:30 PM in the night and Kapil Sir drove from Bangalore to Salem

We took a break at Salem had tea & coffee at a road side shop

It was fun to converse with a local Tamilian boy in symbolic language

We were interacting like deaf & dumb 😀

Viraat drove from Salem to Kodaikanal we reached around 11:30 AM

I have been taking care of all the land marks and turns as i have printouts with me

I handed it to my beloved lazy bro lalit and slept for a while

as expected from him, he forgot to take a right turn at Indian Oil Petrol Pump which is around 20 km from Kodai Mod (turn)

we have to travel around 40 km extra after taking a U turn from a small town after inquiring about the way to Kodaikanal in Symbolic language 😉

After taking right turn at Petrol Pump there was a place to refresh with room & toilets but we missed it too 😦 and have to travel through Ghat Roads (around 52 KM) resisting the pressure 😉 More about Kodaikanal & its surroundings Click Here

Kodaikannal to Munnar 172 KM

We stayed and roam around for full day and next day around 9 am we left for Munnar


the road from Theni to Bodimettu & Kerela Border was very fearful, Hairpin band turns on a road full of potholes 😦

Kapil Sir was driving from Kodaikanal and drove for rest of the trip till Alleppey

There were 17 hairpin bands till Kerala Border and i was wondering what if we have been traveling through this road in night

but believe me as we enter Kerala Border and it was all changed from naked mountain with stones and bad road to scenic conversion into cardamom gardens both side of the roads, every km drive was bringing lower temperature with it

cardamom gardens converted into tea gardens and soon its start raining

everybody in the car was like “Ohh Wow!!!!”

Munnar to Alleppey 224 KM

We stayed for two nights in Munnar and left early in the morning to Alleppey

We touched Cochin (Ernakulam) on the way to Alleppey but beware that you don’t enter the city otherwise u will end up wasting time in city traffic 🙂

The houseboat experience in back waters was heavenly.

Mohit & Lalit Danced and gave flying kisses to the people who are watching their open air dance show.

Alleppey to Bangalore 560 KM

Alappey-> Cherthala->Cochin (Ernakulam) ->Chalakkudi->Trichur->Palakad->Coimbatore->Tirpur

Tirupur->Salem-> Dharmapuri -> Krishnagiri -> Hosur -> Bangalore

We left from Alleppey late in the evening around 6-7 pm and reached bangalore at 8 am in the morning

The man with a previous experience of 19 hour continuous drive (Tata Safari) from Lucknow to ISM Dhanbad took the charge and drive for 14 hours continously 🙂

I can’t explain my experience of sitting next to him and seeing large trucks overtaking or by passing the small match box like car

for the whole 8-9 hours i wondered what if? 😦

but Viraat made it as we both salute the rising Sun behind the rocky Hosur 🙂

there were a lot of other hilarious, scary and fun filled experience throughout the trip e.g. Grass & mushroom Stuff , Mittal & Lalit’s BC but will write about them some time later

I don’t suggest anybody else to follow the same itinerary even i will not repeat it again

it was so dangerous to drive on the scary Ghat Road after Theni or the return journey of 14 hours in night

best is to take a break after 250-300 km or travel only in the day light

To top it all, me & Lalit went to drop Kapil sir at airport and we were sipping coffee as we reached early

We were discussing the trip and before leaving Kapil Sir told us

“I never drive on Hill Station Roads and It was my first experience!!”

It was shocker to me. Come on, this man has drove around 150 km on western ghat road with one of the most dangerous mountain roads.

But there is something called ‘Confidence!!’

Here are the few images shared by Kerala Tourism from its campaign on Kerala Great Backwaters.