thanks guys to add me on ur blog roll though i don’t deserve it 😦

i am not a regular blogger

rarely writes and that too not very interesting 😦

I feel guilty ‘Man you are not giving enough time to ur blog!! gurrrr… :X’

but yes i do read a lot of blogs

i have a separate bookmark folder for my favorites

i haven’t learn how to add my favorites in my word press blog 😦

recently i have been learning car drive from few in house trainers

and they all have been boasting about my driving skills and quick learning

on the 3rd or 4th day of my learning, i am driving with one of them sitting next to me in a swift

if this man (Lovleen Bhaita ) is happy with you then he makes you feel like ‘The God’

so here we are driving on Outer Ring Road in Bangalore on Sunday

i have just started with car drive and i have never crossed 3rd gear

but the man thinks i m doing great hence we go ahead with 4th gear and the little extra press on Petrol (no Gas here heheheh :D)

In Bangalore you rarely find people  respecting yellow light

but my bad luck this gentleman driving ahead of me did the same on Sarjapur Junction and boss i press the break

but but but but…

its accelerator phew !! 😦

i tried i tried  i tried hard  to avoid the  collision

but in the end a sound and right bonut of Swift has gone

i hit the esteem from back 😦

sad! very sad!

Overconfidence turned in to lack of confidence

i didn’t drive back from Bharatiyam (HSR Layout)
i was warned n number of times ‘Careful about Break & Accelerator’

and here i was executing the blunder 😦

i am yet to feel the ‘First Car’ as the swift wasn’t mine 😉