with all the insecurity on the streets including Dalal Street/Wall Street 🙂
bombs on streets/markets
financial institutions going bankrupt, lay off in companies
expectation of less hike or no hike 😦

arey koi hai jo kuch acchi news de ?

sad to say 😦 Nobody!!
we have a very literate & intellectual but politically weak Prime Minster
a home minister who was not elected by the people of his own constituency but the lady thought he can be a good Home Minister 😉
This is a cruel joke (loop hole?) of Indian Democracy and Its Constitution that India can have PM & Home Minister who are not elected by its people. What kind of democracy is this?

Anyway!! In between all this turmoil and sadness, off late i had finished my movie backlog and managed to sneak into few of the acclaimed once 🙂

Khuda ke Liye
The Kite Runner
A Wednesday

and Bachna Ae Haseeno

I accept the last one is not eligible to include in great ones but yes it has something to add in this entry

These movies amuse you and give you, your piece of smile, wet eyes with full of emotion, cruel truths and realities of life, remind you of your good/bad memories

Khuda ke liye reminds me my child hood days
After the evening tea on a cot, in the open sky with sound of Aajan from the nearby Mosque.
Sight of my friends coming out of the Mosque with Holy Book in their hands.
Savian (Sweet Vermicelli) on Mithi Id at the place of My Grand Pa’s close friend.
all was so amusing!!

The best part of the movie is its climax which shows two people simultaneously executing holy call for Namaj in the Mosque. Who owns The God? People who love His people or the people who kills His people that too in His name?

I was born and lived for around nine or ten years in a Muslim neighborhood
had few bum chum friends in the community. Did i miss ‘minority’?
Ohh!! I never realized its minority until i have grown up and start reading the word in newspapers & Magazines
I asked my self how much i know about day to day living of my friend across the street? And the answer is very less. Sad but true !! After 60 years of independence Muslim are still not in main stream and for this they have to blame themselves

A Wednesday shows the desperation of common man (plot looks unreal & impossible) Naseer Sa’ab was at his best in both the movies, following videos shows his speech and explanation in deleted scenes of Khuda Ke Liye

Scene 1 http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=44qHsZm0_Ew
Scene 2 http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=nIJxWNMGzc4

Scene 3 http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=A-rXZpQGuno

The Kite Runner proves my believe that good/bad memory or trauma is difficult to erase from your mind what ever you are doing and where ever you are!!
Amir’s character in Kite Runner display the pain of his bad memory from child hood
Pain of the haunting memory of the guilt of betraying his childhood friend Hassan
His love & affection for his friendly & supporting child hood uncle
His dad’s love for his home country
everything was touching

Female protagonists (Bipasha Basu & Minissha Lamba) in Bachna Ae Haseeno (BAH) depict the same trauma. Its a typical nonsense Bollywood love movie but amuse you and strike a chord somewhere. You can relate with the characters in some or the other way  🙂

In the end, it was nice watching the creative cinema (excluding BAH).