One of my software engineer friend in the orkut scrap book

Life’s @:

life’s boring right now… nothin new
Fed up with the routine life… udhar kya chal raha hain? kahi ghumne gaye fir se?

I replied (just like that):


kuch nanhi
ek din sadak par bahar nikal, bus main travel kar
train ke general dabbey main baith kar pune to delhi ki journey enjoy kar

Blue Line bas main baith kar Gurgaon aa ja
sath main baith kar party karte hain
sari boriyat door ho jayegi


this is so common with people around having 3 or more years of experience in software industry
they had worked hard, changed few companies, got best of the salaries in best of the companies
few got married
few are in dilemma β€˜to be or not to be’
few are running behind an onsite assignment
market is not in good shape so can’t get better package (Yes I accept money is not everything but a good hike brings a smile on your face)
not much new projects in US or Europe so onsite can only be in Gulf or Asia Pacific

or got to US/UK onsite but just sit down infront of a Server and monitor it like a drudge

nothing to be happy nothing to change
what to do?

So Run behind some crap stuff in Orkut or facebook πŸ˜‰
Watch some sensless movies
Go to an all boys outing
Read some novel
Give some exam and get some certification
Prepare for GMAT/CAT, get into an good MBA college
But again end result is monotony

So enjoy what u r doing!!
at least you have a high paying job to bang ur head in machine (big or small)
what say?