Today, I was reading a post at one of my favorite blog about Love & Friendship. I glanced to the side bar and saw that i have a Blog and haven’t updated it for three months!! God!! What was i doing? šŸ˜‰

Well, then i think it can happen with anybody who:

1. is working in Oracle ApplicationsĀ Technology Group (ATG)

2. Got engaged recently šŸ™‚


and it did happen to me.Ā 

Explaining first reason,Ā My Business Group,Ā don’t have any concept of project or bench. So, there are no days without work, no inter project relax, nothing!! But then i need not to worry about my billingĀ during my appraisal discussion šŸ™‚ You work, satisfy some performance indexes, learn new Oracle Technologies, look into never ending bugs, troubleshoot & resolve customer issues, (of course with 100% customer satisfaction šŸ˜€ )

And about the second part, i got engaged during this time and i was enjoying the pre and post engagement time with the lovely lady. There ia also a potential (bad) thirdĀ reason of the hibernation.Ā I have been busy in resolving the conflict among the members of “The Great Indian Joint family”. I wonder why all the relatives save the grievances/complaints for any function/celebration. Ā Statements like:

“You haven’t given importance to us in past so why now?”

“Why should i come?”

“We haven’t givenĀ importanceĀ in the function!!”

“You must have called us on the day itself!!” etc .

Oh man!! its like all the “Bala Ji telefilm serials” are getting live.

I have heard somewhere “There are always two side of a coin šŸ™‚ ”

Well, this post isĀ to break the jinx, will write later about the “Thoughts” šŸ™‚