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[Update: 18 May, 2010; I am not an expert in back pain or backache medical condition. This post is my personal experience, to give a glimpse into doctors & big hospital’s murky network in the city. This is just an example, how most of them (not all) loot poor & lonely 20 something professionals in the city. Read this blog at your own discretion and its not an alternative to medical consultation.]

Backache, I think this is the second most dangerous or problematic ailment after HIV virus for the Humanity though i don’t have stats to prove that πŸ˜‰ Its getting more and more common specially in IT & ITES guys. Here is my story of trouble and how i managed to come out of it. πŸ™‚

I used to have mild and very infrequent backache during my college days. But it never troubled me much. Rest for a day or two and any pain reliever balm had worked for me always. One fine day in in May 06 i start feeling shooting pain in my left leg. Being fresh out of college and on board few months back i used to stay late in office to learn ins & outs of the product. For comfort, I used to ignore the pain or put my left leg on the chair.

But when it start troubling much i met a doctor on a Sunday in Sagar Apollo Hospital. He turns out to be the most inhuman doc I’ve ever met (my bad luck 😦 ) . After an unnecessary MRI (cost me INR 4500), he spoke everything to scare me and ask for a injection in the spine. His reasoning “The pain is coming because of disk bulge and the only remedy is two injection in spine within next two months”

I took second opinion with a doctor in Manipal Hospital. He seems to be a gentleman and asked me to meet a physiotherapist. He assured that there is nothing serious. I did the same. But it was not helping and the pain is troubling more with each passing day. I did a lot of goggling and did all the research on back pain and its causes. I think, now, i can explain the working & location of each & every nerve going through & coming out of spine πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately i met the same doc again and give my nod for the injection. It was a wrong decision which came after a very bad day in office because of the pain. I got admitted for a day in the hospital which cost me around INR 20k. Thanks to my medical insurance most of it was covered. After a 15 days bed rest at home, i was back to work. But from the first day itself there was no relief from the pain. I took leave in between my work and had to left for the day many times.

Since then i think, i consulted all the spine specialist in the Bangalore and now possessed a thick medical file. Spine specialist referred to neurosurgeon, neurosurgeon referred to rheumatologist, rheumatologist referred to psychiatrist (now its heights Maan!!). Most of them was trying hit and trial method on my body. It was so frustrating to take medicine (most of them were pain killer or neuro relaxant) without knowing the exact cause of your pain. Docs convinced me thats how they deal with these kind of pain related problems. Ridiculous!!

In my day to day work, i do a lot of troubleshooting stuff. I hate myself whenever i suggest or execute any solution assuming that it may resolve the issue. Boss, find the cause of the problem and then suggest any solution. But, all those dear doctors was going on their predictions. It was heights when one of the ortho doc in Sagar Apollo ( why the heck i visit that hospital again 😦 Now, I curse myself for this) asked me to get the MRI scan of full spine (INR 9K) and ultrasound of my stomach (i wonder now, why ultrasound for pain in leg?) He suggested that now i should meet a kidney related doc. He thinks that it might be because of kidney stone which is still in its nascent condition.

In last two and half year these docs who sits in most of the big & reputed hospitals in Bangalore cheated me for 60-70K for a mere back pain. I am not blaming each and everybody but most of them were looter.I wonder how can you be so inhuman that you don’t care about the side effects of unnecessary experiment on the patient’s body for earning more money? There were good guys who told me ” Boss!! You don’t have any serious problem. Be disciplined in your day to day life. Spend some time in exercise. You will be alright”. But few of them has only one motive “How to get more and more money from this guy?”

Something positive πŸ™‚ I came to know about JNI(INYS) for natural therapy through my one of my colleague. As he was also troubling with backache so we both enrolled there for 20 days in Jan 08. It was full residential treatment through nature care and yogic sciences. One has to book in advance because its a treatment center cum Spa hence always full of people who visit here once in a year for the rejuvenation or for overhauling of their body πŸ™‚ It was a wonderful experience.I will love to join this place once in a year.

Since then i have been doing Yoga & Pranayama everyday. It is giving me a lot of positive energy and strength to cope up & live with backache (its not curable Maan!! 😦 ) In one of the doc’s words ” Its like one has weak eyesight and need to wear specs. You have the weak muscles around your back and need to do exercise everyday. You need to be disciplined in life and devote around 1to 2 hours everyday for your body.”

I personally thinks “Don’t get panic!! its not cancer buddy!!

I learnt and learnt in hard way that “Be careful and do your own research before believing on the docs for these kind of chronic diseases.”